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  • At all times, Dr. Gomez was very professional, thorough and explained in detail and very comprehensive my situation. He can be characterized for being very thorough in his exams and likes to exhaust all possible means for the sake of the well-being of the patient in to determine the best treatment. I can highly recommend his services.

    From Switzerland

    Oliver Schuschner
  • The procedures both went smoothly they both lasted about  1 hour, I felt no pain or discomfort, I took one advil for pain on the second surgery that’s all for both procedures. I had follow up appointment the next day and releases. I would highly recommend Dr. Abraham Gomez and his staff for any eye problems. The Costa Rica medical services in my opinion are far better than the United States (Where I lived for 65 years) and more affordable. Thank You Dr. Gomez

    From USA

    Glenn Woodard
  • I recommend Dr. Gómez 100%, his attention, professionalism, experience but above all his kindness and charisma is evidenced second by second, we receive the best service and definitely the solution to the specific and direct problem. Very grateful for the quality service !!!

    Yazmin DZ
  • I have had the opportunity to observe the procedures performed by Dr. Gomez as well as their outcomes and they really are amazing, along with his professionalism and the care he has for his patients.

    I recommend him 100%.

    Ale Leiton