You often hear that cataract surgery is a simple surgery, done safely and without major complications. On the other hand, you hear stories about people who did not do so well. Eventually, the moment comes when you have to have cataract surgery and you ask: what is going to happen to me? Did I choose the right ophthalmologist? Well, in my case, yes, I did! Dr. Abraham Gómez Hernández gave me the confidence I needed to leave my eyes in his hands. I had cataract surgery in both eyes, with excellent results. The young ophthalmologist, with great bedside manners and cordial communication, led me through this process safely and with professionalism. Very grateful, Dr. Gómez Hernández!

María Teresa Hedstrom

My eyelids had been sagging for years. At age 60 this had reached a point where the upper eyelids started to impair my field of vision. In addition, my sagging lower eyelids caused my eyes to water more than normal. Frankly, the entire situation made me look old, grumpy and tired. As a retired surgeon myself I was naturally looking for a veery well trained and highly experienced ophthalmologist with oculoplastic surgery specialization.

A quick and easy search on led me to Dr. Abraham Gomez. He absolutely lived up to his excellent credentials and reviews on HuliHealth. I received a thorough examination including full eye exam at his office in Clinica Biblica. Several surgical options with benefits, potential drawbacks and risks were explained and discussed at length. I ended up deciding for an endoscopic forehead/brow lift plus upper and lower eyelid plasty which turned out to be the absolute best solution for my individual situation. In addition to being a highly skilled and well trained surgeon Dr. Gomez is very personable, attentive and detail-oriented throughout the entire treatment period. He always takes care of his patients personally including during postoperative follow-up visits.

This all results in a seamless and almost effortless process for the patient which is also made possible by his excellent assistant Diana who is a joy to work with (via WhatsApp). She is always on top of everything necessary to move things along quickly and smoothly such as appointment scheduling or helping with private insurance paperwork. In summary I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gomez and his team as my entire experience from the first consultation to the postoperative follow up has been very effective and pleasant in every way.

Most importantly I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Dr. Peter Heeckt

I really appreciate how professional, kind, caring and skilled Dr. Abraham Gomez has been during my surgical process and all appointments before and after. I’m really happy with the results and feel so fortunate to have found him and to have been his patient.

Jennifer S.

Has been one month today. I am very happy with the surgery ,I already told you,you are an artist ! Thank you for you and Diane for everything! The surgery change my life style .No alcohol anymore ,fruits vegetables fish and chicken( loosing my belly ) more confident.It s a new life style for me. Gracias.

Jean Paul

The procedures both went smoothly they both lasted about  1 hour, I felt no pain or discomfort, I took one advil for pain on the second surgery that’s all for both procedures. I had follow up appointment the next day and releases. I would highly recommend Dr. Abraham Gomez and his staff for any eye problems. The Costa Rica medical services in my opinion are far better than the United States (Where I lived for 65 years) and more affordable. Thank You Dr. Gomez

From USA

Glenn Woodard

At all times, Dr. Gomez was very professional, thorough and explained in detail and very comprehensive my situation. He can be characterized for being very thorough in his exams and likes to exhaust all possible means for the sake of the well-being of the patient in to determine the best treatment. I can highly recommend his services.

From Switzerland

Oliver Schuschner

I am thankful with Dr. Gomez for having gone out of his way to research my symptoms and conditions to the extent that he did. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the kind assistance and professional dedication he extended me and hope that other patients are as fortunate as I was in having him as their physician.

From USA

John Gutierrez

My pre-operation care was excellent. I requested local anesthesia and I didn’t feel anything. And the aftercare I am receiving is also very thorough. Dr. Gomez maintains a very professional, but friendly, atmosphere at all times. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to having some minor cosmetic facial work done in early February.

From USA

Margo J. Donaldson

I recommend Dr. Gómez 100%, his attention, professionalism, experience but above all his kindness and charisma is evidenced second by second, we receive the best service and definitely the solution to the specific and direct problem. Very grateful for the quality service !!!

Yazmin DZ

I have had the opportunity to observe the procedures performed by Dr. Gomez as well as their outcomes and they really are amazing, along with his professionalism and the care he has for his patients.

I recommend him 100%.

Ale Leiton