I recommend Dr. Gómez 100%, his attention, professionalism, experience but above all his kindness and charisma is evidenced second by second, we receive the best service and definitely the solution to the specific and direct problem. Very grateful for the quality service !!!

Yazmin DZ

I have had the opportunity to observe the procedures performed by Dr. Gomez as well as their outcomes and they really are amazing, along with his professionalism and the care he has for his patients.

I recommend him 100%.

Ale Leiton

I have had the BEST experience with Dr. Abraham Gomez. I can and I want to say that he is a great professional.

My story:

Abraham Gomez with his profession and SPECIALTY which is the most important when putting our health in the hands of someone, could help me out of a condition that was serious to me, because months before I had put my eyes and eyelids in the hands of a Dr. without a medical specialty, and who told me that he often did this procedure (Blepharoplasty). (more…)

Ricardo Centeno

I can recommend Dr. Gómez from my own experience. He is an excellent professional, his treatment was exceptional, he was concerned with the details, and he gave me realistic expectations. Thanks to my lower eyelid surgery, I feel much more at ease! A true success!

Daniel Albertazzi

I love his work. He is very meticulous in what he does. I look fantastic, he changed my eyes.

Chengi Chan