Many of us wish we could turn back the clock of aging. We notice the signs on our faces: sagging skin, the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, and dark spots all around, to name a few. Others may not be seeking an aesthetic improvement but are concerned about a condition that affects the function of the delicate tissues of the face. Whatever the reason, more people worldwide are consulting with facial plastic surgeons for these and many other reasons – including recovering the natural function of an organ- all coinciding with an improvement in the quality of life.

Plastic surgery and its oculofacial branch, in particular, is growing each day and is being propelled by new scientific knowledge for improved patient treatment. These advancements are making our specialty safer and tailored to individual requirements. Additionally, the technological advances in our field are second to none in medicine.

At ArteFacial, we specialize in surgery inside the eye as well as around it. We are passionate about our quest for ocular health, as well as facial integrity and youth. We are specialists in eyelid surgery (reconstructive and aesthetic), treatment of diseases of the lacrimal system, and the orbit. Also, we offer the best treatments for patients seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

As promoters of medical tourism for ophthalmology and oculofacial plastic surgery in Costa Rica, we are pleased to provide the following services:

Cosmetic Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery

Elimination of bags and dark circles under the eyes:

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is perhaps the most popular facial plastic surgery operation because of its dramatic effects on facial appearance. This surgery only takes about one hour, but its impact can last more than a decade! When performed by an experienced eyelid surgeon, lower eyelid blepharoplasty can restore a youthful and natural look. During the operation, the surgeon will remove excess fatty tissue under the eyes as well as lax skin. In most cases, a canthopexy is performed at the same time to restore normal eyelid shape and contour.

Reconstructive and Functional Eyelid Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of eyelid skin cancer:

Eyelid skin cancer is very common, especially in patients with fair skin types. Fortunately, diagnosis can be made in its early stages before significant damage occurs to the delicate tissues around the eyes. Correct diagnosis and timely surgical management are essential to protecting vision. In the hands of an experienced oculoplastic surgeon, eyelid tumors can be completely removed without affecting eyelid shape or function. The latest surgical techniques are utilized to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result and high cure rate.Read more »

Corrective eyelid surgery and treatment of complications:

Eyelid plastic surgery can have a very positive impact on an individual’s appearance, if everything goes well. However, some operations do not turn out as expected. Undesired results can have profoundly adverse physical and psychological effects on a person who sought plastic surgery to improve his or her image. Fortunately, oculoplastic surgeons are trained to deal with complications of plastic surgery operations around the eyes. These surgeons work to restore normal eyelid shape and contour while protecting the ocular surface. Scar revision and treatment of post blepharoplasty eyelid retraction are the most sought-after services that we provide in corrective eyelid surgery.Read more »

The services mentioned above represent only a fraction of what we offer at ArteFacial.

We take pride in our high standards of patient care and personalized attention. In addition to maintaining the highest quality of customer service, we also provide an exceptional experience for our patients, from their preoperative consultation to the final result. Our surgeon brings European and American training to Costa Rica, using the latest technology to meet our patient expectations.

This high quality of care, coupled with more accessible costs, makes Costa Rica one of the leading destinations for medical tourism. On average, an intervention in Costa Rica, with a surgeon trained in prestigious North American and European universities, costs between 45% and 65% less than the value it has in the United States. Furthermore, our country offers opportunities for exploring nature and beauty while recovering from surgery.

At ArteFacial, we feel privileged to find ourselves at the forefront of facial plastic surgery in Costa Rica, the country that serves as a destination for growing numbers of visitors taking advantage of medical tourism for aesthetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial surgery.