Our skin plays a significant role in the appearance of our face. It may even be thought of as the canvas on a painting. We may have an attractive bony framework, beautiful eyes, and unique racial traits, but if our skin has poor quality it will camouflage those characteristics and will make us look aged.

In a young person, muscles underneath the skin contract and relax to create facial expressions without leaving permanent folds. Over the years, these muscular contractions produce more pronounced wrinkles during animation, as when smiling or frowning. Eventually, these “expression lines” become deep folds, evident with the face at rest. We know that muscles grow or weaken depending on how much they are used (think biceps in weight lifters). If we stop exercising a muscle, it will weaken. Botox® Cosmetic works to weaken the muscles of facial expression. The application of BOTOX is one of the most effective and popular non-invasive aesthetic procedures to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

We use Botox for three purposes. First, to treat expression lines such as crow’s feet, vertical frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines. Secondly, we apply it as “maintenance therapy” in patients that have undergone a rejuvenating surgical procedure, such as the BEAUTYlift or blepharoplasty. Our goal in this case is to maintain the aesthetic result for a longer period by relaxing the muscles that tend to pull the tissues in favor of gravity. Finally, the last indication for Botox is to treat certain medical conditions caused by muscle spasm.

Botox has the great benefit of being a quick, safe, and effective procedure that requires almost no downtime and allows you to return to your daily activities the same day. We are confident that you will appreciate the significant improvement in your wrinkles and your overall appearance.

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