Eyelid tumors are prevalent. A tumor originating on the eyelid skin and surrounding tissues may be benign or may harbor malignant cells; therefore, it is crucial to distinguish between these two entities and treat them accordingly. Benign lesions may be observed or removed, depending on the patient’s preference and aesthetic concerns. On the other hand, malignant tumors must be excised in every case. The eyelids must then be reconstructed to preserve normal function. Our eyelid specialist has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of eyelid tumors. If you have a benign lesion that you dislike, we can remove it using minimally invasive techniques that reduce the risk of leaving a visible scar. However, if the tumor appears to be cancerous, the goal will be to biopsy the lesion first. After the diagnosis has been made, the cancer will be completely removed before severe damage to the eye occurs. The last step will be to reconstruct the eyelid in the most aesthetic manner. If the lesion has characteristics of malignancy, our goal is an initial biopsy, diagnosis, and complete removal before severe damage to the eye occurs.

Before and After Procedure

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