It seems intuitive to think that “crow’s feet” are a result of excess skin around the eyes or laxity of the eyelids. However, the actual cause of these wrinkles is the descent of the lateral third of our eyebrows, i.e., the tail of the brow. This can be easily demonstrated by looking at yourself in a mirror and raising the tail of the brow with your index finger. You will notice how crow’s feet disappear instantaneously!

Crow’s feet can be treated in different ways depending on their depth, your skin type, and age. If your wrinkles, called “expression lines,” only appear upon smiling, then relaxing the muscle will help to reduce them significantly. Nevertheless, if they are evident with your face at rest, a lateral brow lift is the only effective way to eliminate them.

Lateral Brow Lift

Lateral brow-lifting is an outpatient procedure that consists of surgically elevating the tail of the brow through micro incisions in the scalp, hidden from sight. State-of-the-art endoscopic techniques allow us to raise the sagging tissue that accumulates at the corner of the eyes. You can say bye to those crow’s feet!


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